Plant and Tree Identification App

Plant and Tree Identification App


The Plant and Tree Identification app revolutionizes the way we interact with the natural world. Developed by ShnairTech, this app uses advanced artificial intelligence to identify plants, trees, and flowers from a single photo. Whether you’re on vacation, exploring your local area, or simply curious about a plant in your garden, this app provides instant and accurate identification, enriching your botanical knowledge and fostering a deeper connection with nature.



Accurate Identification
Utilize AI to offer precise identification of flowers, plants, trees, and weeds from photos.
Educational Resource
Provide detailed information about each identified species, including care tips and interesting facts.
Global Coverage
Ensure the app can recognize species from around the world, covering 95% of all known plant species.
User-Friendly Interface
Design an intuitive interface that allows users to easily take or upload photos for identification.
Community Engagement
Enable users to share their discoveries and plant information with friends and the app community.
Continuous Learning
Update the app's database regularly to include more species and improve identification accuracy.
Encourage Outdoor Activity
Promote outdoor exploration and educational activities among families, especially with children.

Scope Of Work


The development of the Plant and Tree Identification app by ShnairTech encompassed several critical phases, including the integration of artificial intelligence for plant recognition, the creation of a comprehensive database of over 250,000 plants, and the implementation of a user-friendly interface for photo uploads and information sharing.



Design & Development

AI Integration

Deployed state-of-the-art AI algorithms capable of identifying plant species from photos with high accuracy.

Database Compilation

Curated a vast database covering 95% of all known plant species, complete with high-quality images and detailed information.

Interface Design

Developed an intuitive and accessible app interface, facilitating easy navigation and interaction for users of all ages.

Social Features

Incorporated features allowing users to share identified plants and their details with friends or on social media.

Educational Content

Added extensive plant care tips, trivia, and a gallery of plant images from around the globe to engage users.

Other Screens


The Plant and Tree Identification app, developed by ShnairTech, stands as a testament to the power of technology in bridging the gap between humans and the natural world. Through its sophisticated AI, comprehensive database, and user-friendly design, the app not only simplifies plant identification but also enhances our understanding and appreciation of the biodiversity surrounding us. For anyone looking to explore the outdoors, embark on botanical discovery, or simply answer a child’s curiosity about nature, this app offers a window into the vast world of plants.

As ShnairTech continues to innovate, the Plant and Tree Identification app represents a significant step towards fostering a deeper connection with our planet’s flora, encouraging exploration, education, and environmental stewardship among its users.

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