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AI Chatbot
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When it comes to handling inquiries and support 24/7, customer service may be a major challenge for businesses. Slow response and lack of personalized assistance can result in frustrated customers. With our services, you can significantly reduce the need for human intervention and improve customer satisfaction. Our AI Chatbots are equipped to handle customer inquiries around the clock, providing quick answers and offering personalized approaches. Say goodbye to slow response times and hello to happy customers.


How Can AI Chatbot Development Benefit Your Business?


Cost Savings

Developing intelligent chatbots can save you money. AI-based chatbots take over many service tasks usually assigned to human employees. Unlike humans, they require no corporate benefits or salary.

Increased Efficiency

By using conversational chatbots, your customers can receive quick answers to common questions in multiple languages. This can reduce their wait time or improve support and maintenance.

Useful Data

Chatbots are capable of collecting valuable data that can help you gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs. A chatbot solution equipped with AI can offer advanced problem-solving capabilities.

Competitive Advantage

Staying up-to-date with virtual assistant technology shows your commitment to an innovative approach and gives your business a competitive edge in your field.

User Engagement

Interactions with chatbots keep users interested and encourage them to spend more time on your website or messaging platform.

Our Chatbot Development Services

With years of experience, our experts will assess your goals and provide recommendations that are tailored to fit your requirements. As part of our consultation process, we help you determine the purpose, chatbot design features, and integrations required, as well as provide strategies for driving user engagement and adoption.
Platform Choice
There are several chatbot frameworks and platforms available. To choose the best platform for your project, we evaluate the available possibilities in light of your demands and the technical specifications.
Seamless Integration
With the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), you will be able to maximize the benefits of chatbot deployment. We seamlessly integrate AI-based chatbots into selected platforms. Extensive testing is conducted with real users to identify any issues and make improvements to the chatbot’s comprehension and responses.
Chatbot Development
From straightforward FAQ bots to complicated virtual assistants, we have expertise in designing AI chatbots of all complexity levels. Together, our developers create an intelligent chatbot that offers a smooth user experience. We use natural language processing (NLP) to categorize intents and recognize entities, interact with external data sources, provide backup replies, and continuously enhance the bot.
Testing and Chatbot Deployment
An effective chatbot must be thoroughly tested prior to deployment. The data is examined for precision, consistency, edge cases, and flaws. Upon receiving approval, the chatbot will be installed on your chosen platforms, and if necessary, it will be linked to your website, mobile app, social network accounts, or messaging service.
Support and Maintenance
We provide ongoing assistance for maintaining and improving your chatbot. Our dedicated team analyzes the feedback and people interactions to enhance the NLP model, optimize performance, and add new features. To deliver the best customer experience, we regularly upgrade our chatbot development services.

AI Chatbot Features We

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Secure Interaction
All important data obtained from interacting with chatbots is privately accumulated and protected. It can be accessed only by authorized administrators upon request. Such privacy is an important part of a reliable product that guarantees high-quality interaction.
Multiple Communication Channels
With our team of talented chatbot developers, we can integrate AI-based chatbots into various platforms and communications channels. Whether it is mobile apps, social media, or web platforms, you can interact with your customers in the most convenient way.
Multilingual Flexibility
Developing multilingual chatbots will eliminate language barriers. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we create conversational chatbots that can simulate conversation in different languages. Our chatbot development solutions expand the translation capabilities of virtual assistant technology.
Contextual Understanding
Through conditional response programming, we ensure that our interactive chatbots provide personalized and relevant answers to common customer questions. By leveraging advanced natural language processing practices, our chatbots understand the context of the conversation to provide clear answers and comprehend the user’s intent.
Sentiment Analysis
Sentiment analysis makes it possible to create chatbots that can detect the overall sentiment of customer messages and understand how to assist them. Our chatbot development service delivers chatbot conversations that feel natural and helpful.

Integrate Our Chatbot Across Platforms


Make your website visitors’ journey easier by offering them virtual assistance. Answers to frequently asked questions, instructions on general purchasing stages, and website guidance — AI-powered chatbots can take over this part of the work, leaving more time for your employees to make strategic decisions. Virtual assistants can provide a more engaging experience and handle multiple conversations at once. Such features help with increasing overall business efficiency and driving business growth.

Social Media Platforms

Take your business's social media platforms to the next level by using AI. Social media bot development can drastically improve your interactions with followers and potential customers. It is possible to use virtual assistants to facilitate the purchase process by guiding the customer through the steps of selecting products and tracking orders, providing a seamless shopping experience. Moreover, AI-powered chatbots are able to accelerate valuable data about customer preferences and overall trends. Such chatbot analytics provides useful insights that enhance a business's social media presence and customer engagement.

Android and iOS Applications

Chatbots can also be integrated into mobile apps to offer round-the-clock support, ensuring that users get assistance at any time needed. Custom chatbots provide users with personalized experiences. For example, chatbot development services enable apps to facilitate various transactions, such as order placement, booking, and payment. Having a high-quality chatbot can improve your overall app’s user experience and make it stand out from the competition.

Chatbot Solutions Across Industries



Take financial efficiency to the next level with our AI-powered chatbot development services. Make your financial customer interactions personalized with financial advice and seamless transactions.


Experience the power of personalized learning features with our cutting-edge chatbot development services. Interacting and engaging education process tailored to your customers’ needs.


Take advantage of automated order processing, virtual support, and personalized recommendations designed to meet the needs of your business.

Real Estate

Revolutionize property search with personalized property recommendations, automated appointment scheduling, and real-time market insights.

AI Chatbot Development Process


the Goal

Our chatbot development process begins with an understanding of our client’s business objectives. A comprehensive consultation is conducted to pinpoint problems and opportunities that can benefit from AI chatbots in areas such as customer satisfaction, streamlined processes, or personalized help.

Selecting and Training Natural Language Processing (NLP) Model

In order to power the chatbot, our experts carefully select the most suitable Natural Language Processing (NLP) framework. By combining high-quality datasets with domain knowledge, the NLP model is then trained to understand user intent and to respond contextually relevant to each question.

Backend Development and Integration

Developing a robust backend system is the key to creating a successful AI-powered chatbot. Our client’s existing systems and APIs are securely integrated with the system, which handles user queries and maintains conversational context. By seamlessly integrating the chatbot with the existing system, customers can receive real-time access to information and services, improving efficiency and satisfaction.

Frontend Design

In order to ensure a smooth interaction with users, our team crafts user-friendly interfaces. Chatbot frontend decisions are tailored to suit different communication channels, including websites, messaging platforms, and other spaces where our clients’ customers communicate.

and Deployment

Our chatbots undergo rigorous testing to ensure they function correctly and meet our client’s expectations. Following the successful completion of all tests, we deploy the chatbot to preferred platforms to ensure it is scalable and reliable. The deployment process is closely overseen by our experienced team in order to ensure a smooth integration.

Continuous Monitoring and Maintenance

AI-based chatbots require constant upkeep to stay functional. In order to continuously improve chatbot performance, we offer ongoing monitoring and compile insightful user feedback.

Why Choose ShnairTech as Your AI Chatbot Development Company?


Our Expertise

Geniusee has a track record of successful cases in various industries. We are a long-term partner with worldwide known companies such as AWS, Plaid, Finicity, You Team, and many others. Our developers are experts in AI, natural language processing, and chatbot development.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Chatbots, created by our team, are powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, enabling them to understand the context of human queries. Our developers are well-versed in the latest AI trends, natural language processing, and chatbot development.

Customized Solutions

Each of the projects we created is specifically tailored to the client’s needs. We offer a personalized approach in order to identify your business objectives for chatbot deployment and the types of interactions it should handle. The ultimate result is an AI chatbot that is customized to your company and clients.
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