Gladdy – Diary & Mood Tracker App

Gladdy – Diary & Mood Tracker App


In an era where mental health awareness is more critical than ever, Gladdy emerges as a beacon of support and personal growth. Developed by MindTech Innovations, this app is a comprehensive mental wellness tool that combines a secure diary, mood tracker, and guided mental practices into one seamless experience. Designed with the user’s emotional health in mind, Gladdy acts as a personal emotional health assistant, celebrating user achievements and offering support during challenging times.



Enhance Emotional Self-Awareness
Provide users with tools to understand their emotional triggers and patterns through diary entries and mood tracking.
Promote Positive Mental Health Practices
Introduce users to daily mental exercises tailored to improving their mental state and overall well-being.
Ensure User Privacy and Security
Protect user data with stringent security measures, including passcode protection for accessing personal entries.
Foster a Supportive Community
Create a platform where users feel supported in their journey towards better mental health and are encouraged to celebrate personal achievements.
Improve Mood Regulation
Help users identify and manage their emotional states more effectively through personalized feedback and insights.
Support Personal Development
Encourage the use of WOOP, self-praise, and gratitude practices to promote personal growth and resilience.

Scope Of Work


The project involved the following key phases:

  • Market Research: Conducted to understand the needs and preferences of the target user base.
  • App Design: Focused on creating a user-friendly interface that encourages daily engagement.
  • Development: Implemented robust features for diary entries, mood tracking, and mental practices.
  • Security Measures: Integrated strong security protocols to ensure user data protection.
  • Beta Testing: Conducted to gather user feedback and refine the app before official launch.
  • Launch and Marketing: Officially released the app and promoted it to reach the target audience.



Design & Development

User Interface Design

Crafted a simple, intuitive, and engaging user interface to ensure a seamless user experience.

Mood Tracking Feature

Developed an easy-to-use mood tracker for users to record and visualize their emotional states over time.

Diary Functionality

Integrated a secure diary feature for users to document their thoughts, feelings, and daily experiences.

Mental Health Practices

Incorporated a variety of mental health exercises (WOOP, self-praise, gratitude) into the app, complete with instructions and rewards.

Privacy and Security

Implemented passcode protection and data encryption to safeguard user information.

Analytical Tools

Utilized AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze mood and diary entries, providing users with personalized insights.

Other Screens


Gladdy – Diary & Mood Tracker represents a significant step forward in the field of digital mental health support. By combining a user-friendly design with powerful features for emotional self-awareness and growth, Gladdy offers a comprehensive tool for individuals seeking to improve their mental well-being. The app’s focus on privacy, security, and personalized experiences sets it apart in the marketplace, highlighting the developers’ commitment to supporting users in their journey towards a happier, more fulfilled life.

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