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AI Staff Augmentation Services

AI Staff Augmentation Services

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AI Staff Augmentation Services

Have you ever wondered whether there was a cheaper way to make software? The era of generative AI tools allows you to do just that. Maybe you’ve already tried code delivery by ChatGPT but weren’t satisfied. Looks like you’re on the right side of all the power now. Geniusee offers AI staff augmentation to deliver powerful and cheaper code without mistakes or bugs, as we empower your team and products with our experience and extensive track record. Hire an AI-assisted developer and start your journey with ShnairTech!


Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Using machine learning models to generate code automatically is known as AI-assisted coding. Developers can describe what they want their code to do in natural language with most AI-assisted coding tools currently available. The code is then generated automatically by the tools, complete with custom variable names and, if necessary, calls to external modules or services.
The concept of creating application source code automatically is not particularly novel. There have been no-code and low-code development tools for decades. Yet, AI-assisted coding solutions have only really matured over the past few years. However, developers have long discussed the idea of using AI to write code, usually with only a passing remark. They might be the most recent significant advancements in software development.


Enhanced Productivity

Generative AI can automate tasks that would otherwise need a real human developer. Save both time and money, improve efficiency, and more.

Better Decision Making

Generative AI can generate data that can be used to make decisions about product development, marketing campaigns, and more.

Faster Results

Generative AI can assist businesses in achieving results more quickly than manual development would. For instance, AI can generate code in a fraction of the time it would take a human.

Creativity Enhancement

Businesses can use generative AI to develop fresh concepts and ideas for new products or services. If you lack ideas, AI could help, yet, of course, it can’t replace human creativity and desire for innovations.

Reduces Cost

Generative simulated intelligence can assist organizations with setting aside cash. Businesses can save money and reduce labor costs by automating tasks.

Improved Customer Experience

By utilizing generative computer-based intelligence, organizations can produce content that is more exact and applicable to their clients. Businesses may benefit from this in terms of improved customer satisfaction and customer experiences.

What We Offer


Integration with OpenAI ChatGPT


Review of AI-generated code


Development based on AI tool assistance


Modernization of existing platforms based on NLP logic


AI-augmented staffing solutions


API integrations with AI services


Custom solutions based on IT staff augmentation

How We Work

ShnairTech strengthens your AI-based software development thoroughly…

...via all stages of product development
Step 1: Product Ideation Step 2: Business Understanding Step 3: Code Cleaning Step 4: Code Enhancement Step 5: Full Stack Software Development Step 6: Predictive Modeling Step 7: CI/CD Step 8: Quality Assurance and Testing Step 9: Deployment Step 10: Continuous Maintenance and Upgrades all data science augmented and AI-assisted development fields
Predictive Analytics Data Mining and Statistical Analysis Natural Language Processing Computer Vision Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Big Data Deep Learning
...with the proper technical team for your AI-assisted software development and staff augmentation
Data Scientists Data Engineers Database Engineers MLOps Specialists AI Engineers Solution Architects

Technology Stack We Use

OpenAI Codex

OpenAI Codex is a natural language processing (NLP) model that uses natural language input to generate code. It can process a wide range of text inputs and respond with high-quality code based on the ChatGPT architecture. It can comprehend the underlying structure and logic of programming languages because it is trained on a large dataset of code examples.

Advantages of OpenAI Codex:

Natural Language Interface
Code Quality
Multiple Programming Languages

Disadvantages of OpenAI Codex:

Limited Training Data
Limited Context
Limited Debugging Support

GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is an artificial intelligence-fueled code colleague intended to assist engineers with composing code more productively. It uses machine learning algorithms to suggest code snippets and functions based on the project’s context and is built on top of OpenAI Codex.

Advantages of GitHub Copilot:

Context-Aware Code Suggestions
Integration with Visual Studio Code
Collaboration Support

Disadvantages of OpenAI Codex:

Limited Language Support
Limited Customization
Limited Debugging Support

OpenAI ChatGPT

OpenAI ChatGPT is an extensive language model intended to comprehend natural language inputs and generate appropriate responses. Even though ChatGPT is not made to generate code, it can still be used for this in some situations.

Advantages of ChatGPT for code generation:

Natural Language Interface

Disadvantages of ChatGPT for code generation:

Limited Training Data
Limited Context
Limited Debugging Support

Engagement Models for

We offer an AI-assisted development team to empower your internal team with our expertise in artificial intelligence solutions and augmentation. Geniusee offers cooperation based on different models. Just choose the augmentation model that fits the best, and let’s get started!


Dedicated team

Our best software engineers will use AI tools to deliver the code faster than you could imagine, using their profound expertise to customize and clean generated code. You’ll get complete long-term control over your remote team and project management.

Time and materials

You pay us only for the time and materials we spend on web or mobile development or any other work on your project. We deliver the most fitting solutions and software applications to assure market success and enhance competitive advantages.


Geniusee, as an experienced IT staff augmentation company, will become your third-party provider of dedicated professionals. We handle the HR expenses, and you get the technical team that meets your needs and fits into your company culture.

Why ShnairTech for AI Staff Augmentation Services?

In simple terms, ShnairTech is a software development company with experience across more than six years and over 150 projects in our portfolio. We are trusted by Gartner and known by Forbes. We work under ISO security standards and quality management requirements, not to mention that we also partner with AWS, Plaid, Galileo, Finicity, Apify, and many other globally known companies.
We nurture long-term and transparent partnerships with companies and enterprises in different fields, so that you can check their reviews on Clutch.
So why not start our collaboration on AI staff augmentation today?

Staff Augmentation Services as We See Them

Top-class professionals in AI-assisted development and coding
Different staff augmentation solutions
Level-based software development support
Full support of a dedicated project manager
Augmented staff boosted by our DNA
Extensive engineering background and specialty
Software architecture and design patterns are a priority
Reusable and reproducible software modules
Thinking through the prism of proof of value

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IT Staff Augmentation in a Traditional Way

Top-class professionals in AI-assisted development and coding
Different staff augmentation solutions
Lack of support during SDLC (software development lifecycle)
Full support of a dedicated project manager
No added value on top of staff augmentation
Lack of engineering background
Lack of architectural design of the system to be built
Lack of reproducibility and reusability
Thinking through the prism of proof of concept
Happy Clients
Finished Projects
Skilled Experts
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